What we do

Lunar Solis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of pop culture by supporting organizations, initiatives, and events that create inclusive, safe, and welcoming environments for fans to come together and rejoice in their shared interests.

Lunar Solis was originally created to host BronyCon, the world’s largest My Little Pony convention. For many attendees, BronyCon was the first time they could meet people who shared their interests and make friends in a space that wouldn’t judge them for what they liked. We worked hard to make BronyCon fun and engaging for fans of all ages and backgrounds, and to make it a weekend that every single attendee looked forward to year after year.

Though we retired BronyCon in 2019, our passion for celebrating fandom never faded. We asked ourselves how we could use our experience and resources to make fandom a better space for everyone. Our answer is the Lunar Solis Foundation. Through the Foundation, we have set our sights on providing support to up-and-coming fan organizations that share and exemplify our values.

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