About us

The Lunar Solis Foundation board and staff bring years of experience running and volunteering for dozens of conventions across the country. We believe that fan organizations have a duty to proactively create spaces that are welcoming to and inclusive of marginalized groups. Gatekeeping has no place in popular culture, and fan spaces should strive to be safe places for fans to celebrate and connect with each other. Through our programs, we’re doing our part to turn these ideals into baseline expectations for fandom spaces.

If our mission sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, consider joining us.

Board of Trustees

  • Eli Morris-Heft, President
  • Shir Goldberg, Vice President
  • Josh Dean, Treasurer
  • Kelsey Morse-Brown, Secretary
  • Emily Bennet, Trademark Officer
  • Troy Smith, Trustee
  • Jenna O'Connell, Trustee


  • Joshua Brems, Public Relations Committee
  • Alex Wood, Public Relations Committee